Best SSDs 2020: From Budget SATA to Blazing-Fast NVMe

Finding the best SSD or solid-state drive for your needs is important if your want the best gaming PC or laptop, or you just want a snappy productivity machine. A slow storage drive makes for a big bottleneck,forcing your processor sit there twiddling its clock cycles, waiting for data. To speed up your reads and writes, you need a fast SSD. That’s why we test dozens of drives a year and highlight the best SSDs available here.

As drives like ADATA’s recent Falcon M.2Intel’s 660p  and its successor the Intel 665p undercut mainstream drives on the older, slower SATA interface, this could be the beginning of the end of our old friend, Serial ATA. But companies are still doing new things with SATA, like Team Group’s cavernous 15.3 TB drive. Existing SATA drives will have to continue falling in price as well, in order to at least compete on price, since they can’t hope to keep up with NVMe drives on performance.

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