The Best $800 PC Build for Gaming, Streaming and Productivity

When you’re planning a PC build, budget is the most important factor. But just how much do you need to spend to get a decent gaming experience and streaming experience? While it’s possible to build a very basic system that can do a little gaming for less than $500 or one that uses pre-owned / old parts for even less, $800 is the current sweet spot for building something that provides a solid mix of work and play, along with just enough oomph to stream PC titles to Twitch or YouTube.

To show just what kind of $800 PC build you can do these days, we gathered a list of parts, ordered them, put together the computer and tested it. Our goal was to build a desktop that’s not just good for playing games at 1080p, but one that’s great for multitasking and heavy productivity while providing enough room for all your games and data. This is a PC you can use all day for work and then employ for gaming and streaming in the evening.

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